Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V.
Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V.

African Community Strategic Leadership Meeting

The Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e. V (GESAH) is a recognized non-profit organization in Hamburg. The members are former Ghana soldiers and police officers. The
association is committed to the improvement of good health care for all African community members in Hamburg. GESAH was pleased to have undertaken the above-mentioned event in cooperation with MEINE DIASPORA e. V, an association of some African professionals in Hamburg.

The event, African Community Strategic leadership meeting took place at Horner Freiheit, Horner Rennbahn to bring together some of our influential community members, expertises and subject matter experts to discuss the agenda “Mobile Medical Clinic”. It focused on how we could initiate the above mentioned project to meet community health needs. The objectives included
reducing the health disparities that impede our community progress. We were happy that BÜRGERSTIFTUNG HAMBURG sponsored the event. We hope that Mobile Medical Clinic will provide good health benefits to disadvantaged minority and low-income African communities as well as people of colour across the state of Hamburg. It will provide preventive care (health screening), primary health care and health education. The
minority African community carries an amount of chronic stress that mostly lead to chronic illness due to health inequity.


The Strategic leaders meeting achieved it's main goal of building community consensus on four priority areas:
1. eliminate structural barriers e.g. language barrier
2. build our community capacity to access preventive and primary healthcare
3. manage chronic diseases e.g. diabetes
4. promote healthy eating and active living. This improve diet and increase physical activities. It reduces high rate of childhood obesity and adult obesity.