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Future Of Hamburg African Youth In Security Services (FOHAYISS)


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Herr Wilberforce Osei Tutu (General Secretary) Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V (GESAH) C/o Osei Tutu Tinnumer Weg 5 22117 Hamburg Tel: +49 (0) 176 84800437 Email: Website:


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Name: GESAH e.V. Bank: Postbank IBAN: DE71 4401 0046 0274 1734 68 BIC: PBNKDEFF Purpose: Future of Hamburg African Youth in Security Services (FOHAYISS) G ESAH


1. Situation Information

Every fifth person in Germany has a migration background. In Hamburg it is even over 30% of the inhabitants. In addition, the proportion of persons with a migration background is generally higher in the younger age groups than in the elderly. Studies show that young people with a migration background are also disadvantaged with equal qualifications. As a result, young migrants of African descent have poorer prospects for the labour market after school, although an average proportion of young people attain High School qualifications. Despite this achievement, many of them have no work or employment in the low-wage sector and often they do not dare to apply in all areas due to discrimination. Although, for example, Hamburg police specifically enlists migrants for Police Service, many young people with an African migration background do not perceive this opportunity because of previous discrimination experiences and reservations. There is lack of role models in this sector and also low approach to their concerns. This is where the FOHAYISS project aims to attract young people and to demonstrate their professional prospects in the security services


2. The Organizer

 Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e. V. (GESAH) GESAH e. V. is a recognized non-profit organization. The members are former Ghanaian security officials, (e.g. Military Officers or Police Officers and other interested persons who live in Hamburg and the surrounding area. Due to the experience and quality of the members, GESAH is actively involved in the African society in Hamburg to promote peace and integration. One of the goals of GESAH is to use the extensive experience of the members to promote the interest of the African youth in Hamburg for a professional career in the security sector, enabling them to develop promising post-graduate prospects to improve their livelihood. GESAH also focuses on welfare and development of African youth in the security sector in Hamburg.


3. Target group

a) Mainly young people from the age of 16, parents of African descent, as well as interested migrants from other backgrounds in Hamburg and the neighbouring regions. The state institutions, such as the Police, will act as role models for young people and provide all necessary information on security jobs. Youth is encouraged to apply directly to any security service.

b). The following persons or Organizations benefit from FOHAYISS project; Grandparents, teachers, young couples, neighbourhoods, local officials, community leaders, local associations, other Organizations and Hamburg administrations as well as the various security institutions. They are all convinced that this unique FOHAYISS program is a new way for practical solutions to the problems in African communities in Hamburg.


4. Number of participants

I) Expected number of participants: approx. 300

a) of which under 18 years: approx. 30

b) Between 18 and 27 years: approx. 170

c) Over 27 years: approx. 100


ii) Measuring the objectives Feedback / Evaluation of participants Number of participants: age, country of origin and part of the city Documentation of the event: photos, feedback sheets


5. Assessment of the success of the programme

FOHAYISS is committed to promote community involvement and partnership, a strategy to build a stronger African community.

a) It is expected that up to 10 young people will be served in the security services in 3 years.

b) The fact that the hope of African youth one day in the security services is not a dream, more youths will improve their academic skills / job skills and a fewer of them will miss school lessons. c) There will be more African role models in security services, to motivate young people.

d) There will be fewer problems with drugs and delinquent behaviours. Also productive behaviours will be proven and more young people will plan their future.

e) This will increase success and improve youth leadership qualities, leading to good social behaviours in African community.


6. Evaluation plan

GESAH / FOHAYISS have an evaluation plan, the results clearly defined. They will be making progress with regard to these results.

a) Data collection: gather information about successful, potential and interested youth seeking jobs in the security services.

b) Data Exchange and Tracking: The data is shared with all stakeholders to enable them to make decisions, corrections and continuous efforts to improve. The parties involved are: Security services; Community leaders; Religious based Organizations; Parents and teenagers.

c) FOHAYISS shall be involved in assessment plans, decisions taken on the basis of the exchange of data with African leaders and youth.

d) GESAH will be able to regularly communicate with and involve stakeholders at all levels to make decisions. A strategy to inform them about progress, challenges and needs.

e) Annual reports are prepared by GESAH management to verify and ensure that goals are achieved. If the objectives are not met, stakeholders will discuss the problems and implement them.

f) GESAH leadership will regularly assess the influence, the participation of the youth and make adjustment as necessary.


7. Goal of the event:

a). To increase educational and professional successes of African origin through an empowerment approach - information and guidance on self-help

b). The young people of African origin are to be informed about career opportunities in security services in Germany.

c) show examples and thereby increase the self-esteem of young people

d) More young people would reach high education level to improve their job opportunities. If they recognize at the event that a good school result is a good way to promote their future.

e) The aim of this program is to increase the percentage of young African people in state security professions


8. Event time / duration / place

Saturday, October 7, 2017

15:00 to 20:00 hrs.

Post-Event Party: Saturday 8:00 PM - 2.00 AM (Sunday)

Kulturhof Dulsberg

Alter Teichweg 200

22049 Hamburg 


9. Program sequence

African communities and representatives from various security institutions in Hamburg will be invited to an event in Kulturhof Dulsberg for a comfortable atmosphere where there will be entertainment, speeches of relevant topics and a special dinner. The different security institutions will take the opportunity to inform the African community about the opportunities of African youth and give them the opportunity to apply in the security services. At the event, the African young people would get to know each other and develop a firm trust in the society.


10. Programme of events

1. Observation of a minute silence to remember the fallen ex-Service personnel (1 minute)

2. Opening speeches by the President, GESAH

3. Opening speeches: Hamburg's Interior Senator, Mr. Andy Grote

4. Lectures on the topics: (20 Min. each)

   a) Possibilities of employment in the Police - Representative of the Police

   b) Possibilities of employment in Military - Representatives from the Military


- Short break with musical accompaniment -


   c) Employment opportunities: Customs Service - Customs Representatives

   d) Employment opportunities: Fire Service - Representative of the Fire Service

   e) Panel discussion (Representatives of each security service: 30 minutes) Questions

5. Promotion possibilities with Info Stands of the Organizations will be available

6. Acknowledgement: Vote of Thanks


11. Public relations work

GESAH will distribute information materials of the security services to the African community, e.g. magazine. GESAH will also visit the various organizations and local churches, promoting youth participation in the program. Information about Security services will be published and distributed on various media platforms, such as Facebook, email and on mass media for the young people in the African community.


12. Co-operation partners GESAH E.V. works in collaboration with other local African organizations established in Hamburg to pool resources together in organizing and extending the benefits of FOHAYISS program to a greater number of people in African communities. GESAH E.V. Has a partnership with Ghana Embassy in Berlin, Ghana Consulate in Hamburg, IMIC e. V (Intercultural Migrant Integration Centre), TopAfric Media Network, Ghana Union Hamburg and many other African Organizations.