Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V.
Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V.

What We Do



GESAH provides lifelong support for its members and their families. GESAH can provide practical and emotional support if and when you need it. our network with local partners means that help and advice are always closed at hand. We will put you in touch with one of our experienced advisers  but we are also experienced in dealing with complex problems. Here are some of the ways that we can help you.





Is it pracitical housing advice and support for GESAH members and their families or guidance around apartment? Our expert Housing advisers offer impartial guidance around accommodation issues for GESAH members. It includes homelessness, housing benefits, tenants's rights, eviction and repossession. Our Housing Advisers cannot give you legal advice but they will look into your situation and and explain your options. They can also refer you to other organizations for help. Advisers also will work together with you to source financial assistance that you might need to solve your apartment problems, for example finding money for  a deposit or to clear rent arrears.





Some GESAH members can find themselves in financial problems. If you have fallen behind on your bills or other payments and you are struggling to get by or even at risk of losing your home, then your GESAH team can help you get advice in dealing with your debt; such as you are at risk of losing your home or supplies of essentials i. e. gas or electricity.





Our advisers will help you to maintain mobility and independence at home. Whether your mobility problems are caused by getting older or an existing medical condition, our expperienced advisers will help you get the equipment that you may need such as electronic powered vehicles or mobility equipment, Stair lifts, Riser and recliner chairs.





We can help you get hold of essential household items, including major appliances and consumer electronic goods. We believe that no GESAH member and family should be without a bed to sleep on, a cooker to cook on or a sofa to sit on. If you are in need of essential household items, including major appliances and consumer electronic goods, then GESAH is your partner to get hold of them.





GESAH Mentoring motivates, supports and empowers GESAH members and their families where the needs for mentoring has been identified to fulfil their potentials. Some of the benefits of joining GESAH mentoring include: someone to listen to, reassure you and to share your feelings, increase in your slf confidence, help to build better relationships, improved ability to make decisions, increase in your motivation and help for your families.





GESAH helps members and their families who are facing health problems including depression and and anxiety. If you  are facing a mental health problem then GESAH is there to help you feel less alone and can also direct you for more specialised services. We cannot diagnose your problem or offer a counselling service but we can provide support while you concentrate on getting treatment. It might mean help with your finances such as getting access to the right benefits or practical assistance such as a lift to an appointment. If your problems have led to homelessness or problems with your rent then we can help you set up your home again. We may not be able to make a contribution towards the cost of your treatment itself.





GESAH is committed to giving support to members and their families during your bereavement. Everyone needs different support when they are grieving. If you need emotional support then GESAH can be a listening ear during difficult times as you come to terms with your loss. It is often hard to get financial support for funeral expenses but GESAH is a reliable partner.





There is no question that accommodation challenges exit. GESAH knows that significant number of its members can find themselves in accommodation problems. That is why there are special services to support them. Accommodation can put strains on relationships leading to divorce. A lack of experience in dealing with every day finances can quickly get people into trouble too. mental health problems can also increase the risk of homelessness with sufferers facing eviction and unemployment. As a priority our partner team will help you to fine support around homelessness. Importantly, our network of experienced partners means GESAH is there for GESAH members  as they rebuild their lives. This means that their is someone with real expertise to provide day-day practical advice and guidance.





Our competent members and partners will help you to read and understand your official letters. Mostly, official letters are in German language and sometimes it is difficult to understand the judicial terms.

GESAH is pleased when your problems are solved.