Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V.
Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V.


Our upcoming project is named: ''future of Hamburg African Youth in Security Services (FOHAYISS)''


Our preparation is on the way to promote the project. Among the visions of GESAH e.V is to use the rich experiences of the members to promote the interest of African youth in Hamburg for diverse job opportunities in the security sector to better their lives.

The initiatives will support the commitment of German Government and the Authorities in Hamburg for integration, to build stronger African communities and the young people facing challenges to achieve individual success.


Under this programme, FOHAYISS will bring members of African communities and representatives of the various Security services together. Parents and youth will have the opportunity to interact with the security personnel. It will support youth to gain general mentor, positve relationship and understanding of the Police, Military and other security jobs in Germany. If youth knows that there are more job opportunities awaiting them after school, they will improve habits in school and overall behaviour.

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