Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V.
Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V.

Our Project Partners 

My diaspora e. V

My diaspora e. V, is an association of qualified professionals from healthcare, legal and political sectors. Our competence is focused on the healthcare of people of African descent and people of color living in Hamburg. Also we focus on health promoting measures through workshops.


4.2. YAPA Germany registered association

YAPA Germany e. V is a recognized non-profit German-African association with a wide range of career fields of African and non-African professionals who have come together to provide career guidance fulfilling the needs of many young people. Often, people with an immigrant background lack the appropriate role models. YAPA fills this gap in their profession, providing role models for doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers and more. YAPA's network extends throughout Germany, with Hamburg as its headquarters. Many nurses, midwives, dentists and people who have studied public health have joined this network of professionals. YAPA is therefore an important asset in the implementation of this project, as it has personnel from different backgrounds who can treat and care for patients and also provide health education.