Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V.
Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V.

Additional By-Laws


Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg eV 

  • Wants to unite and care for all Ex-Servicemen and women and their families as well as civilian members who are residing in Hamburg and the vicinity
  • makes them a strong and influential segment of Ghana society in Hamburg through the spirit of camaraderie


All members shall abide by the By-Laws and Rules of the Association. Members shall attend all meetings regularly including social, cultural and educational functions. 

General membership meeting shall be at least in every month.

The Executive Committee shall meet as often as deemed necessary.



Person wishes to become GESAH member pays entry fees and monthly dues



Members will get Identity Cards (ID cards) with their own pictures. There will also be members Monthly Dues cards with their own pictures.



Welfare assistance shall be given to members. It includes the following occasions: Wedding, Outdooring as well as packages for members in time of sorrow. There are also welfare packages exclusive for our family members.



These are the ultimate goals of GESAH

  • It will be connected to Organizations in Ghana with the same interests ie Veteran Association Ghana and Ex-Servicemen Association Ghana
  • GESAH will work with similar organizations in Hamburg and Germany at large.
  • GESAH will work in cooperation with other ghanaian organizations in Hamburg to develop ghanaian community hamburg
  • Also GESAH will explore any existing possibilities to improve the living standard of GESAH members.
  • GESAH will be actively engaged in the community for religious, social, cultural, economic and political functions to promote peace.